Cost Audits


Would you like us to immediately deliver a beneficial impact to your bottom line?

Our philosophy is to provide benefits to you from day one. If you have not reviewed your office supplies procurement recently, you may be surprised what you unveil. We are astounded at how often we discover our new clients have been paying significantly over the market price for office supplies.  We would love the opportunity to work with you to make sure you are getting a fair deal with your present supplier.

We have devised a pricing tool which will analyse your purchases and spend to identify where savings can be delivered to your business.

We pass on 100% of these savings to you.

Unlike many of our competitors who deploy penetration pricing, our model is aggressive, yet sustainable. We don’t entice you with cost saving opportunities to then gradually increase prices over time.

For us to secure you significant savings, we need information on your purchasing patterns- products, quantities and regularity. The simplest way for you is to provide us with three months of invoices to scrutinise, safe in the knowledge that they will be securely destroyed or returned to you at the end of the process. We will provide a clear and detailed proposal on our findings.

Why not give us 10 minutes of your time to see how Cara can benefit your business? Call us and we will find a mutually convenient time to meet over the next couple of weeks.