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Adhesive Tape

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Scotch Magic Tape 810 Solvent-Free 19mmx33m Transparent 8101933
Scotch Buff Packaging Tape Polypropylene 50mmx66m (Pack of 6) C5066SF6
Q-Connect Invisible Tape 19mm x 33m KF02164
Q-Connect Polypropylene Packaging Tape 50mmx66m Brown (Pack of 6) KF27010
Q-Connect Adhesive Tape 19mm x 33m (Pack of 8) KF27013
Q-Connect Adhesive Tape 24mm x 66m (Pack of 6) KF27017
Black Waterproof Cloth Tape 48mmx50m RY07584
Sellotape Original Golden Tape 24mmx66m (Pack of 6) 2028242
Sellotape Cellux Tape Economy General Purpose 48mmx50m Buff Ref 0550 [Pack 6]
Sellotape Case Sealing Tape Vinyl 50mm x 66m Buff Ref 0246 [Pack 6]
Sellotape Double Sided Tape 12mm x 33m Ref 1447057 [Pack 12]
Sellotape Double Sided Tape 25mm x 33m Ref 1447052 [Pack 6]
Sellotape Double-sided 50mmx33m Ref 1447054 [Pack 3]
Sellotape Double Sided Tape 15mm x 5m Ref 1445293 [Pack 12]
Scotch Magic Tape 19mmx33m Matt Ref 8101933
Scotch Magic Tape 12mmx66m Matt Ref 8101266 [Pack 2]
Scotch Magic Tape 19mmx66m Matt Ref 8101966
Scotch Magic Tape 25mmx66m Matt Ref 8102566
UniBond Masking Tape Easy On/Off 25mm x 25m Ref 1667769
UniBond Duct Tape 50mmx25m Black Ref 1517009
5 Star Office Cloth Tape Heavy-duty Waterproof Tearable Multisurface Roll 50mm x 50m Black
Security Tape Tamper Evident 48mmx50m Red
Scotch Crystal Tape 19mmx33m Ref 6001933
Scotch Greener Masking Tape 24mmx50m Ref 2050 1A PCW
5 Star Office Invisible Matt Tape Write-on Type-on 19mm x 33m
5 Star Office Invisible Matt Tape Write-on Type-on 19mm x 33m [Pack 12]
5 Star Office Invisible Matt Tape Write-on Type-on 19mm x 33m [Pack 16]
5 Star Office Masking Tape Crepe Paper 25mm x 25m [Pack 6]
Scotch Magic Tape Value Pack 19mmx33m Matt Ref 8-1933R8 [7 Rolls & 1 FREE]
Sellotape Original Golden Tape Roll Non-static Easy-tear 24mmx66m Ref 1443306 [Pack 6]
Scotch Removable Magic Tape 19mm x 33m REF 8111933
Scotch Magic Tape 19mm x 25m Refill Roll Ref 8-1925R3 [Pack 3]
Sellotape Zero Plastic 24mm x 30m
Scotch Magic Tape 900 Greener Choice Natural Fibre Film 19mmx33m Ref FT510283987 [Pack 9]
Scotch Super-hold Tape Single Roll Clear Ref 700K-EU
Scotch Wall-Safe Tape 19mmx16.5m Ref WST1965
Total 85 products
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