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Take a stand against sitting...

Over recent years various studies have suggested that sitting for prolonged periods of time is harmful to your health. Some of the negative effects include an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, links to high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.

Cara Stationery offer a range of sit stand desks and also desktop sit-stand workstations that allow employees to spend some of their day standing whilst still working on their laptop/PC. 

• Two hours of sitting cancels out 20 minutes of exercise
• Prolonged sitting has been linked to high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol
• Research shows up to a 46 percent increase in workplace productivity with the use of standing desks
• You burn 30 percent more calories when you are standing rather than sitting

So why not give Sit – Stand a try…

The next generation sit stand products combine a wealth of research and product development with a deep understanding of the office workspace. They’re designed to be easy to use, adjustable, and worry-free. Plus, they’re engineered with the durability to transition from sitting to standing multiple times a day. All this adds up to a better sit stand experience and one you’ll want to use every day.

For more information contact our sales team on 020 8427 8424 or email sales@carastationery.co.uk

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