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Tate & Lyle White Shake & Pour Sugar Dispenser 750g A03907
Tate & Lyle Rough Cut White Sugar Cubes 1kg A03902
Tate and Lyle Granulated Sugar 3kg TS165
Tate and Lyle Granulated Sugar 1 kg (Pack of 15) A06636
Tate and Lyle Demerara Rough Cut Sugar Cubes 1kg 21J1003
Nestle Breakaway Milk Chocolate Covered Biscuits Individually Wrapped Ref 12232568 [Pack 8]
Celebrations Chocolates Assorted Flavours 2432g Bulk Case Ref 611635
Haribo Maoam Stripes 140g Ref 580730
Heinz Tomato Ketchup Sachets Single Portion 10g Ref 76600338 [Pack 200]
YES Dark Chocolate Seat Salt & Almond Nut Bar 32g Ref 12403827 [Pack 24]
Pringles Salt & Vinegar Crisps 40g Ref N003621 [Pack 12]
Cadbury Heroes Miniature Chocolates Selection Box 185g Ref A07945
Fox's Fabulously Biscuit Selection 275g Ref A08091
McVities All Butter Shortbread Twinpack Ref A05021 [Pack 48]
Walkers Biscuits 4 Varieties Twinpack 25g Ref NST422[Pack 100]
Crawfords Teatime Varieties Biscuits Assorted 6 Varieties 275g Ref 0401016
Foxs Glacier Fruits Individually Wrapped 200g Ref 0401064
Tate & Lyle Brown Sugar Sachets Ref 410787 [Pack 1000]
Tate & Lyle Pure Cane Sugar White Granulated Tub with Handle 3kg Ref 410144
Haribo Starmix Sweets 140g Ref 73073
Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp Dark Chocolates Ref F5202
Elizabeth Shaw Mint & Cocoa Luxury Biscuits 140g Ref G1004
Cadbury WISPA Chocolate Bars Ref 4248639 [Pack 4]
Border Luxury Biscuits 5 Varieties Mini Twinpack Ref 0401049 [Pack 100]
Fairtrade Sugar Sachets Brown Demerara Ref A07761 [Pack 1000]
Fairtrade Caramelised Biscuits Individually-wrapped Portions Ref NST544 [Pack 300]
Foxs Biscuits Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies 180g Ref A07887
Canderel Yellow Artificial Sweetener Low Calorie Granules Sachets Ref 0403180 [Pack 1000]
Tate & Lyle Brown Sugar Sticks Ref 410776 [Pack 1000]
Mentos Mints Individually Wrapped Ref 0401039 [Pack 700]
Nestle Big Chocolate Box Five Assorted Biscuit Bars Ref 12391006 [Pack 71]
Nestle Quality Street Assorted Chocolates Box 240g Ref 12394661
Nestle Kit Kat Bars Milk Chocolate 2 Fingers Ref 12339411 [Pack 9]
Meredith & Drew Twin Wrapped Flapjack 26g Ref 0401199 [Pack 100]
Stevia Artificial Sweetener Sticks [Pack 1000]
Kallo Gluten-free Rice Cake Thins Milk Chocolate Ref 0401171 [Pack 21]
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