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Whether you require a single water cooler for 1 location or numerous coolers across multiple locations we have a solution for you.

  • Bottle fed water coolers for outright purchase with next day delivery and no service agreement
  • Mains fed water coolers or hot and cold dispensers with a range of leasing and service agreement options
  • Wide range of machines to choose from
  • Bottle fed water coolers with a range of leasing and service agreement options

Case Study

We were awarded the contract to supply both mains and bottle fed water coolers to a large developer across the South East of England. 

The previous provider had offered competitive pricing but was failing to deliver the promised levels of service. Some locations were regularly being left without water whilst the coolers were not being collected within the agreed timeframe at end of the contract term. As a company with multiple trading names the customer also required invoicing to be separated according to the specific company at each location but the provider was constantly invoicing everything under a single account. This meant that the customers accounts department was wasting lots of time every month trying to get invoices cancelled and re-issued so that the water cooler expense could be allocated correctly. This was at considerable expense to the customer.

Cara Stationery used our knowledge of the acccount to correctly set up new agreements for the customers water needs ensuring that all invoices are issued correctly against the correct trading name and quoting the correct purchase order number.

We are supplying both bottle fed and mains fed coolers on a rolling programme to replace the coolers supplied by the previous provider as the individual agreeements with the old supplier come to an end.

Despite the other provider offering very competitive pricing we have still managed to make a small saving on the overall cost to the customer.

Going forward this means that the customer is receiving the latest coolers and bottled water deliveries where required at a very competitive rate and with our attention to detail to invoice them correctly according to their requirements saving them a considerable amount of time and money every month through no longer having to waste time having invoices corrected or cancelled.

If you would like to discuss your water cooler needs please give our friendly sales team a call on 020 8427 8424 or email sales@carastationery.co.uk



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