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Take control and minimise downtime with an MPS agreement through Cara Stationery.

Are you unsure how much printing is costing you? Would you welcome a predictable, competitive monthly cost? Do you want to free up time, automate toner reordering and reduce printer downtime? Then MPS may be the solution for you.

4 simple steps to taking control:

  1. Measure - we will assess your machines and usage and measure your document processes against your objectives to inform our strategy.
  2. Design - we will design the optimum infrastructure to update the fleet to the right size and mix, agreeing the support you require.
  3. Implement - the transition to your new equipment will be hassle free. To minimise disruption most hardware etc. is configured off site ahead of install.
  4. Deliver - after delivery we remotely monitor your machines to provide automated toner replenishment and remote service diagnostics as well as full remote and on site support where required.

Case Study

We were invited to carry out an audit of the printer/copiers for 1 of our clients in central London. The client owned the machines which were quite old and they had an agreement with an MPS provider for service and printing. Our audit uncovered a number of areas of concern including:

  • They were being billed per development not per copy, this meant that a single colour print was being charged as 4 pages not 1 page meaning they were being charged 300% more per colour print than they thought they were.
  • The age of the machines and faults within some of them meant that despite originally being multi function some of them would now only carry out single functions.
  • An annual parts warranty was being charged at an additional cost of hundreds of pounds per year despite this not being a tangible component of an MPS agreement because parts and service is already included within the cost per copy agreement.
  • A minimum charge was being applied to some machines that was above the actual usage and despite the fact that the usage was low because the MPS provider had not serviced the machines adequately!

Cara Stationery reviewed the whole situation for them and supplied new latest technology equipment that immediately provided them with significant time savings and more efficient processes. 

The new technology coupled with transparent pricing on genuine cost per page not cost per development and our no hidden extras all inclusive agreement meant that the customer enjoyed savings of over 75% per year on their print costs compared to the previous provider.

If you would like to discuss your print needs and see if we can improve efficiency for you and/or save you money please give our friendly sales team a call on 020 8427 8424 or email sales@carastationery.co.uk



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